DropSync 3

The fast flexible folder updater

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DropSync is a versatile Mac App for working with collections of files in different locations. Whether you're pushing edits to a webserver or backing up a huge photo collection, DropSync helps get the job done with a minimum of fuss.

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New Features

DropSync 2 was pretty nice but we knew we could do better. DropSync 3 delivers some big changes as well as hundreds of little refinements, including many suggestions from our awesome users. Here are some of the highlights

Simpler, More Powerful Browser

  • Include or exclude folders at any level in the hierarchy
  • No more worrying about root paths just drop a folder and that's it.
  • Much cleaner design with a focus on your files
  • Other goodies like hostname labels, integrated progress bar and more reliable networking

Better Options

  • Dozens of copying options easily configured with check-boxes
  • Autocomplete for advanced rsync options
  • New custom include or exclude filters pane
  • Backup pane lets you configure and monitor the size of a backup folder

Engineered to last

  • DropSync 3 is fully sandboxed which means it's now fully compliant with the Mac App Store guidelines.
  • We rebuilt large parts of DropSync under the hood using the latest apple technologies to make the app more efficient and clear the way for future improvements ... and we have plenty planned.

Bidirectional Syncing

  • DropSync 3 now has basic support for Bidirectional Syncs, meaning that it will ensure that the most recently edited version of each file exists on both sides of the transfer.
  • Bidirectional syncs display previews just like any other update

Better Design

When designing DropSync 3 we thought long and hard about how the trickiest aspects of DropSync 2 could be made easy. The end result is an interface that should feel natural to newcomers as well as experienced DropSync 2 users.

DropSync 3 Screenshot : Browser Window