Privacy Policy

Mudflat Software is committed to ensuring that your data remains secure, and that you are in control of what information you provide to us. This policy describes information collected through our website and our app, DropSync

Data we collect


DropSync is an app for copying and syncing files. It logs its own internal behaviour for the purpose of debugging and also saves lists of files that have been synced. These are stored on your mac to allow you to review them within the app. They are not sent to Mudflat Software. If you send a support email via the Send Feedback menu item within the app a log of recent app activity will be appended to the email. This log contains information about app behaviour (startup, window management, etc) but may contain private information such as file paths. You may review and edit the information before sending this email.

Use of AppCentre

AppCentre is a crash reporting and analytics service provided by Microsoft. DropSync uses the crash reporting and analytics parts of this service but does so in a way that avoids collecting your personal information. When collecting analytics data we transmit device identifiers but do not collect additional information that would allow us to map these to your name, email address or other personal information. When sending crash reports we include the following information

You can view the AppCentre policies in relation to data collection and retention at

Use of FastSpring

If you purchase DropSync directly via our website your payment will be processed by FastSpring. Mudflat Software does not have access to any of your payment details during this process and does not collect them. We do collect information such as your name, email address, address and phone number for the purpose of license verification and customer support. That data is collected for us and stored by FastSpring. The FastSpring privacy policy is available at To remove your data contact .

Use of Google Analytics

This website uses Google Analytics to collect statistics on website usage and activity as well as to find problems with the website. Google Analytics uses cookies to enable this behaviour and collects the URL of the page you visit as well as your IP address. Full details of how google uses cookies and its privacy policy can be found at